Next cloud to Gitmail



I went to a Gitmail account for the time being, but I still can’t go to the welcome email or inbox. The security setting is double and double authentication is double and quadruple, etc., but this has taken some trouble even with recent Google and Yahoo! etc., but IT is developed as it is today It is a place that can not be avoided in the past. However, although it seems to be similar, if it is security that I am doing as an administrator of the server, I feel that reliability is likely to be very likely. I was able to log in to GitLab, but I hardly knew what to do after that. On GitHub, the email settings above should have been finished, but the screen with the inbox has not been reached. How will this be reached? You can also log in to Nextcloud, but this is where you personally use it.
I have taken the exam for the cis ad beginner level in 1997. However, I did not want to be a programmer, but I was almost chilling. I have been to the national exam of an amateur radio engineer for beginners up to Hiroshima at the 3rd year of junior high school.
Tonight is unusually 9 pm.
I will write a WordPress Blog only for 30 minutes until I go to bed with two cups of pouring the pure rice dry of Yamada bowl of laurel crown to Bizen grilled drink of 6 cm in diameter and 5 cm in depth.
One day yesterday, after meeting with Rika at Shinjuku Kinokuniya Bookstore, after drinking coffee lami’s 850 yen demitas coffee for the first time in a long time, I bought John Lennon round glasses at the glasses market. When I was sleeping with the electric chopsticks, I stepped on it and one eye broke.


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