On the return of the meeting that makes use of the Date Judgment


It seems that Mr. S (formerly, the University of Tokyo University Undergraduate School Acting Director) has fallen and knocked his head near the vent. A month ago there was a person who told me that I was sitting down with a bloody head on a rainy day by phone. He said that when he visited the home of the regional comprehensive center of Shin-Okubo two months ago, he had fallen four times a year by self-reporting, but this morning three months ago, Otaki Bridge because his whole body did not move I heard there was a phone call that I can not go to the Tokyo Metropolitan Bus Cleaning Department, and I went to Tokyo Women’s Medical College together, and it seems that a stroke four years ago has recurred. Perhaps that the sex of the left foot is paralyzed worse, and falls have continued here. On Saturday or Sunday next time, I decided to take him to Yokoyama Doctor’s office ”Body balance method, which has been in operation for around 25 years in Higashi Yatsushiro, Yamanashi Prefecture, for the first time in a long time. Certainly I remember that National Health Insurance did not work, but the examination fee is 10,000 yen in 15 minutes, but it is a disciple of the teacher of Japan’s best balance technique in Kyushu certainly. I also went a couple of years ago, but my own body remembers being an ugly prowess. It is the same period in the upper basics department of the martial arts technical school of Shorinji Kenpo, but it has been an ugly guy from that time. I heard that some of the fellow professors around him went to the same style school in Shibuya for two years, but I also wanted to go to that school and went to his dojo I have heard what he thinks, but he was really honest, and I thought that I was thinking about it for a while, but, “My Nagafune should stop, because You have no talent.” Well, I thought I was the one to say clearly, but no, Rika who went with me was also laughing



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