It seems that it was finally invaded

一般的には闇サイトと誹謗されているTorブラウザを入れた途端ですが、iMac 10.11.6 El Capitanのここ2〜3日の動きが怪しいのでOSをフォーマットしようと思ってハッタと気が付いたのであるが、彼は昔の彼あらず、政府機関や自治体との毎月の遣り取りの書類の控えなどは5年保存が義務付けられておりそんなに容易くは最早フォーマットは出来ないのでまずファイルの保存先に1週間前にサインインが完結したばかりのNextCloudに入れて置こうと思うのである。

ついに侵入されたかと思うのは、ここ数日来で私のiMacが、流石に2008年製は旧型過ぎて、OSの最新版のmojave 10.14.5にアップグレード出来ないことが主たる要因だと思うのであるが、しかし、これが原因でドイツのtutanotaにサインイン出来ないのではないかとあれこれ試していると3〜4時間はすぐに経過して肩凝りの自覚症状があるのにまだムキになっている自分に気がついて、もう若くはないのだからと自分に言い聞かせてベッドに這い上がるのだった。

It seems that it was finally invaded
In general, it is as soon as I put the Tor browser, which is considered to be a black site, but I noticed that I was trying to format the OS because the movement of iMac 10.11.6 El Capitan was suspicious in the last couple of days, and I noticed However, he is obliged to save the documents of the monthly exchange with government agencies and local governments for 5 years, and it is not easy to format them any more. I’m going to put it on NextCloud, which I just signed in a week ago

I think that it was finally invaded, because the main reason is that my iMac has not been able to upgrade to mojave 10.14.5, which is the old version of the OS in 2008, which is too old for the past few days. However, if you try this, you may not be able to sign in to tutanota in Germany, and if you try this, it will still be overwhelmed even though you have symptoms of stiff shoulders for 3 to 4 hours. I noticed myself and told myself that I wasn’t young anymore and I climbed up in bed.

私は非営利法人母と子のセンターの代表のOGURI HIDEAKIと申します。TUTANOTAのメールアカウントのサインアップができなくて困っています。何か良い解決方法があれば教えてください。

thank you for your reply.
It’s a shame why emails from the IP assignment of a typical Japanese NTT router to which I contract become spam.
My name is OGURI HIDEAKI, a representative of the non-profit corporation Mother and Child Center. I’m having trouble signing up my TUTANOTA email account. Please let me know if there is a good solution.

Please click the following link to confirm> that you are human. The email will be delivered to my mailbox then> your message has been recognized as spam and has not been


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