As engine key disappeared


As engine key disappeared
Have Meca come to Tokyo for rescue. After leaving only the door key and the fuel tank key and putting 300 yen on the road at the intersection of Ogaido Sakashita on the Nishigawara Street, the umbrella is likely to be blown by the wind in the rain, so turn around with the door key inserted in the door The moment I went to get an umbrella, the key came off the engine key, and when I danced in the air, I felt that I was stuck somewhere with someone’s fast-moving car and went somewhere far. It took 2 hours to remove the handle lock from 7 pm. It was really hard to see the hammer of the right hand making a miss shot over and over again with a thin tagane head on the left side of a young mecha. If I do, I will not do such work for 100,000 yen. In 1979, around the end of his twenties, he had removed the steering wheel lock of a mini car that had lost both the door key and the engine key. First, I opened the door by dividing the A-pillar’s square window with an iron pipe, and it was a suburb, but I hit the front door of the house in front and lent electricity, I just broke an aluminum die-cast handle lock with a sander Although it is only a thing. After that, I returned home with an engine with the same in-vehicle tool minus driver as today. After a long time, today’s trip meter is 127,882 kilometers when returning home. A mini-only that I replaced a month ago, but a little cheap 4 liters and I am somehow familiar with the synthetic oil of 4500 yen.